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With more than 30 years of experience  building state of the art commercial greenhouses, B&K Inc. opened its Canna-Ag brand Thrive Grow Systems.
Thrive Grow Systems specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of permitted commercial cannabis grow facilities. 
We provide our clients with custom-made and effectively engineered solutions, for any structural requirements. Regardless of the climate challenges you are up against, it is no challenge for our engineering capabilities. Our company pledges excellence from early planning to the production and delivery of your new Thrive Grow System.


Thrive Cannabis Greenhouse

The Thrive Grow System team, have been pioneers in the greenhouse manufacturing business for over two decades. We are well versed in an array of building designs, from simple hoop houses, to the most complex commercial greenhouses. All fabrication is done at our facility, with engineered stamped drawings that include wind and snow loads, where applicable. We focus on the essentials of modern cannabis growing, by offering full climate control, artificial lighting, automated blackout systems and custom designed bench systems, to maximize yields and redundancies.

Thrive Cannabis Greenhouse

Thrive Grow Pods were developed to maximize production, while minimizing cost. Our designs and concepts, utilize either the SOG (Sea of Green) or SCROG (Screen of Green) methods of growing. These methods have the highest yield per square meter, over any other indoor production method.
Thrive Grow Pods are professionally built and fabricated for you and your growers exact requirements. These systems include full electrical plans, with load calculations and service needs. Custom fabrication is done on site by AISC certified fabricators.

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The Thrive Grow System team, has innovated a new growing facility that is changing the game for warm climate growing. Mesh Houses were specifically designed to utilize the natural resources of regional climates to your growing advantage. They also allow for all the perks of outside growing, without any of the costly hazards that come with it. The upkeep for a mesh house is also significantly less expensive than for a traditional greenhouse. The construction of a new Mesh House is 50% less expensive than a fully equipped Cannabis Greenhouse and is conducive for growing twice the plants at half the cost.

Thrive Grow Cannabis Grow Warehouse

Thrive Grow Systems specialize in full warehouse build outs, including design, fabrication and sourcing of equipment for your facility. In addition, Thrive Grow Systems can do full retrofits, to maximize yields while reducing energy costs. Our team of designers, engineers and suppliers offer you a truly turnkey solution for all your cannabis growing needs.


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Thrive Grow Systems have roots that stretch from the cold snow belts, to the warm climates of tropical areas; making regions with diverse and variable geographic growing conditions easy to accommodate. Our Thrive Grow Systems team is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of quality, cost effective and energy efficient structures. Our team takes great pride in providing all of our customers with personalized service, from the planning stages, to the production and delivery of your growing environment.


All of us at Thrive, are committed to providing you with the proper structural, ventilation, heating and cooling requirements as well as environmental controls, to fit your needs and budget. We know at Thrive, how important and difficult, it is to choose the correct equipment to create growing conditions for your specific needs, while maintaining a price that maximizes ROI (Return On Investment).  Our sales, design, and engineering technicians will work to provide you with a structure that can be profitable and within your budget.


At Thrive Grow Systems, we will work with you to provide the most efficient structures that meet your desired budget, scheduling and production requirements. Companies large and small, will be pleasantly surprised with the personal attention and technical advice, the team at Thrive Grow Systems provide. Call us today, with any growing needs or inquiries and we will be happy to help your business start thriving. 


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