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Thrive Grow Veg Pod

Our Turn-Key Veg Pod can house up to 1,080 Clones, 1,000 Seedlings, 1,000 NFT Hardening and 16 Mother Plants. This pod can serve up to 5 Flower Pods. We can also customize this pod to double the capacity listed above to serve up to 10 Flower Pods.

Thrive Grow Flower Pod

Our Flower Pods have the capacity to hold 216 plants with the use of customizable bench system. Thrive Grow customizable bench system utilizes three-gallon Bato Buckets. Flower Pods are extremely simple to customize to fit individual growing needs.

Thrive Grow Storage Pod

The Thrive Grow Storage Pod was created to complete our pod line, giving growers a turn-key growing solution. We designed our Storage Pods to be easily customized to fit each growers needs.

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